Computer Lab Directions

Each computer lab assignment has directions and a specific due date. Most of the computer labs are completed using SAS Curriculum Pathways.Please use NC Wise Owl for all of your research. Sources from Wikipedia will not be accepted. Use the Computer Lab Assignment Check OFF Sheet to keep track of all of the computer lab assignments and due date. You will be using SAS Curriculum Pathways for many of your computer labs. Use the following for your log in.
User Name: tree5tone
Password: there is no password. Leave this blank.

Upload Assignments: here is a video that will show you how to upload your SAS assignments to Google Classroom.

Computer Lab Assignments

Computer Lab 1

  1. QL-#1264- William Penn and the Middle Colonies
  2. QL-#29- The Trial of Anne Hutchinson

Computer Lab 2

  1. The Under Ground Railroad 
  2. Watch this video about Thanksgiving.

Computer Lab 3

  1. QL# 30- The Stamp Act
  2. QL# 1180- The Constitutional Congress

Explore the following: See attached Assignment

  3. and

Computer Lab 4

  1. QL #1257- Foreign Policy
  2. QL #1186- Freedom of Speech

  Computer Lab 5

  1. QL#32
  2. QL#1261
  3. QL#31

Computer Lab 6

  1. QL# 1337- Causes of Civil War
  2. QL#1260 (Lincoln and Civil War)
  3. QL#33 (Civil War: John Brown's Raid on Harper's Ferry)

Computer Lab 7

1. Download the following assignment: Reconstruction and Share Cropping Web Search

Computer Lab 8

  1. Download the Immigration activity.

Computer Lab 9

  1.  SAS 1256
  2. SAS 36
  3. SAS 933

Computer Lab 10

  1. QL#1259
  2. QL#37

Computer Lab 11

  1. QL#38
  2. QL#1262